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Effects of Mass Twittering on the Space-Time Continuum: The Relation Between Black Holes and the Twitterverse

On August 27, 2009, I pondered, “What would happen if I really tweeted the way that Twitter haters say all tweeples tweet?” Following that, I announced my intention to, “…do it as an experiment starting tomorrow.”

At 22:28 that same night I stated, as a warning, “Alright my friends and followers, my tweeting-like-a-real-twerson(???) experiment begins tomorrow morning. It’s gonna get nasty!”

A cousin of mine and FaceBook friend, John Lisonbee, commented on my above statement with, “Nasty, or just twittery?” to which I replied, “Twisty maybe?”

The morning of August 28, 2009 the grand experiment began. My intention: cause the creation of a Continue reading

Have Something Worth Tweeting Over? I Do

Well, I resisted for as long as I could. But for the many millions of you who have ruthlessly emailed me over and over again that I need to blog more often in order to make your lives worth living, I have joined the masses by starting a tweet, or whatever they call it when you start a Twitter thing.

You can now get your Stu fix multiple times a day. I figured this would be good since there are probably a million things that I want to blog about, but simply don’t have the time (stupid job!), so writing a real quick and short tweet about them all ought to satisfy both myself and my raving fans.

Join my incredibly huge fan club of 3 followers at http://twitter.com/stuthewise

I’ll see you on the next tweet!