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Three Wars At Once? No Problem! Right?

If you take a look at the United States’ military budget, you’ll see that we spend as much annually as the next TEN highest spending countries… COMBINED!

Sooo… that means we can go to war with the next 10 most militarily powerful countries before even breaking a sweat, right? Well, not quite. Continue reading

My Country, Right or Wrong

Many Americans have died enforcing American interests they didn’t support. That includes some who fought in the Revolution. It kinda sucks, it really does. But here is my take on it.

My mother has a saying: “I was born a Catholic, so I’m going to die a Catholic.” She doesn’t even believe in Catholicism’s basic doctrines. But it’s a matter of pride that keeps her from leaving the church and joining another. Foolish? Perhaps.

I was born an American, and I’m going to die an American. My country, may she always be right. But my country, right or wrong, she is still my country. Continue reading

To Die in the Service is to Die With Honor

There are still a few of us that believe that to die in the service of your country is to die with honor. We believe that because when a person has enough honor within themselves that they voluntarily choose to serve their country, they are serving much more than just their country… they are serving the people — every man, woman, and child — of their country.

For those who died, I can only hope that I’ll some day make it to heaven myself so I can thank you proper.