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Ninjas Make Me Cry

Why do ninjas make me cry you ask?

Is it because they appear in a choking black cloud of smoke to cover me in ninja throwing stars, then disappear while leaving me on the floor to suffer in great pain as I slowly bleed to death?

Or perhaps because they covertly conceal themselves silently in my bathroom waiting patiently for the perfect moment to strike me through the heart with their expertly crafted ninja sword as I relieve myself?

Is it for all the times a ninja has performed the “vibrating palm” death touch (or def touch for all you Bloodsport fans out there) on me, sending me to my grave only to then give me the life touch, pulling me back from heaven’s grasp?

Maybe it’s just because I feel so sorry for them because they have no sense of true style?

No… no, none of these is true. The real reason they make me cry is revealed in this image below.

Monkey Takes a Sip

Crying from laughter… shameful.