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Stu Smart Enough for Mensa, but Still Dumber Than a 2 Year Old

Hey, don’t laugh! You think you’re smarter than a two-year old? Well, you better have an IQ greater than 152!

Two year old girl joins MENSAThis is not a joke people. A two year old girl has officially tested with an IQ of 152, and has recently become the youngest female ever to join MENSA, the high IQ society. She joins just 29 other MENSA members under the age of ten. MENSA membership is by invitation only, and requires that you score 130 or higher on an officially approved IQ test, thereby placing you as one of the top 2% “smartest” people in the world.

There are different types of IQ tests, so you must take a MENSA approved one in order to be considered for membership. When you hear people talking about their IQ being some outrageous number like 190 or 230, this is not from a MENSA test, and they are almost certainly lying… Stephen Hawking’s IQ is estimated to be about 160. What great mysteries have the 200 IQ claimers solved in their life? Why aren’t they out curing cancer or rewriting the laws of physics or something?

Why is Stephen Hawking’s IQ estimated? Because he’s never taken an IQ test before. When asked in an interview what his IQ was, Dr. Hawking responded, “I have no idea. People who boast about their IQ are losers.”

Which is exactly why I won’t boast about mine by posting it here:

Stu's IQ Test Score

“Stu, you said you weren’t going to boast, and yet here you are displaying your IQ test results high enough to join those snobby MENSA types!”

Uhh… did I mention that I’m dumber than a two-year old? I’m not boasting. That would make me a loser! Besides, I’m sure that everybody who reads my blog is smarter than me ;)

So the question now becomes, “Stu, if you’re so smart, why’d you fail half your high school classes and drop out of college?” My answer? Well, I worked the system to graduate high school (it was way easier than actually doing all that work!) As for college… umm. I’m too smart for college. Yeah, that’s it!

Want to find out if you’re smarter than a two-year old? Take the same test I did at GIQTest.com. It is the most accurate online IQ test. If you’ve taken that stupid Tickle IQ test, you’ll find that GIQ is much more accurate. Afterall, according to Tickle I’m a genius (which even I’m smart enough to contest!):

The GIQ test has been compared and corrected against hundreds of real-life proctored IQ tests, making it accurate to within 4%, meaning that if I were to take a real IQ test I could expect to score between 127 and 137 (probably more towards the lower end).The GIQ test is free to take, but costs $10 to get your results, so keep that in mind. Last thing you want to do is waste time taking the test then decide you don’t want to fork over the $10. Personally, I think if you’re willing to pay $10 to take an online IQ test, it automatically knocks 20 points off your IQ. That makes me even dumber than I thought!

It would be easy to cheat on the GIQ test because it is online and self monitored. But if you’re going to pay $10 for it, don’t you want to know your real IQ level?

Anyway, if anybody else is as dumb as me and wants to fork over the $10 to take the test, feel free to respond with your test results. I have a feeling I’m gonna get owned!

Oh, and if you score lower than me, don’t feel bad. A score of 100 is average, and you have to score below 70 to be considered “mildly” retarded. And honestly, if you score below 100, you’re in good company with some of history’s greatest warriors, heroes, and rulers. Have fun!