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What to Do for Easter When You Hate the Holidays Like Me

It’s no secret. I’m not a big fan of most holidays. Veterans of my blog have seen my rants on Christmas, Halloween, and the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. Easter is no exception.

Donnie Darko Easter BunnyHowever, I have the fortune of having a wife and the children who love the holidays. And, remembering back to my own childhood, the joy of the Easter egg hunt with my siblings is one of my fondest memories. A crotchety old holiday hater I may be, but for the Continue reading

Will We Ever Be “Free At Last”?

In August of 1963, one of America’s finest men spoke to a crowd of nearly a quarter million people in the shadow of another great American, Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln, during debates for his first presidential campaign, fielded many questions regarding Blacks and the issue of slavery. Lincoln’s opponent held a common belief among White Americans that the Black race was inherently inferior.

During one debate Lincoln’s response was Continue reading

Without These Brave Souls, We Wouldn’t Be Here

Honoring U.S. Military VeteransIt’s Veteran’s Day people. There are some Americans out there who would spit on the graves of every Soldier, Marine, and Sailor who died during the American Revolution. Don’t you dare come around my place. Not today.

Because this day and days like it, my tolerance is extremely low for your kind. Every other day, I’ll let you have the freedom that all those Soldiers, Marines, Sailors (including Coast Guardsmen), and Airmen died for to ensure your right to hate them.

And even though it’s my right to hate your guts for it, I won’t… except for today. Also this day. And this one.

But today, let us remember those who have “returned to headquarters” and honor those who still remain on “active duty.”

Trust me, you don’t want these battle-hardened men to come around and kick your butt for dishonoring their buddies.