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The Secret to Living Long and Prospering

Ever since I first started watching Star Trek back in the early 1980′s, I’ve wanted to follow Spock‘s advice to “live long and prosper.”

Live Long and ProsperI’ve read up on some scientific research (though, this can hardly be trusted) for how to accomplish such a task. I’ve also studied the long lived. Here are my findings: Continue reading

Tribute to One Jeanne Calment, the Superest of Super Centenarians

Jeanne Calment. Regarded as the oldest living person in recorded history. Over a period of 122 years, she saw a lot. But this is perhaps my favorite story of hers.

In 1965 André-François Raffray, an attorney, agreed to pay Calment 2,500 francs per month until Calment’s death in exchange for ownership of her apartment after she passed. Calment was 90 at the time while Raffray was a spry and young 47. Seems like a great deal, right?

Whoa now, not so fast! A funny thing happened. Continue reading