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Words I Had to Teach My Cell Phone

Technology is just amazing, isn’t it? Work in artificial intelligence has been making especially large leaps. What with a machine named Watson making Ken Jennings its bitch on Jeopardy! and computer-controlled players in video games so realistic I actually kind of feel bad for blowing them up with my double-barrel shotgun, it’s no big surprise that my cell phone has the ability to learn.

Although, when I say “learn” in this context, what I really mean is, “the ability to manually add words to its obsessive-compulsive auto-correct dictionary.”

Okay, so my phone has a ways to go before it reaches the levels of Watson awesomeness. But hey, it’s a start, right? But as I started the process of “teaching” my new phone old tricks, I began to wonder, “Shouldn’t something as smart as my phone already understand something as simple as tacos?”

And thus, a list of words that I’ve had to teach my Verizon Thunderbolt phone over the last few months.

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