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Always Order Food from the “Questionable” Looking Fellow

I remember a time when you would visit the Sconecutter in Orem late at night (which I often did back in the day when I worked graveyards) and there would be several questionable looking fellows working the drive thru. Thing was, these long-haired druggy looking freaks took the greatest of care in putting your order together. No finer sandwiches were ever built!

But now, thanks to a little economic downturn, more people are willing to accept Continue reading

What’s the Definition of Insanity Again?

Something about doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results, right? Somebody should have told a certain Michigan teenager.

UPI recently reported that a teen in Kalamazoo was arrested for marijuana possession. So the cops hauled him in and later released him on $100 bail. In his brilliance, the kid went back to the exact same spot where he was arrested and — no joke — started rolling himself a marijuana joint.

In his defense though, the kid did do something a little different. He was packing a little crack the second time around. Didn’t help change the outcome though. He was arrested again and hauled in for possession of marijuana, crack cocaine, and violating bond.

Geniuses. They’re everywhere!