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Looking to Make Extra Money on eBay?

Okay, it’s been awhile since my last post. Been busy at work and with other projects. One of those projects is a total revamping of my How to Make Money on eBay site. So I wrote this article and submitted it to a bunch of article directories and blogs and whatnot to give my site an SEO boost.

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Anyway, on with the show!

For all of us there eventually comes a time when times are so tight financially, we wonder how we’re going to get by. The vast majority of us are able to trudge through it and eventually come out on top. But a few of us will end up with insurmountable debt that forces us into bankruptcy.

Others still never do overcome the hard times and seem destined to be stuck for the rest of their lives, barely getting by, living paycheck to paycheck. Regardless of which category you fall into, you’ve undoubtedly thought at these times, “There’s got to be some way for me to make a few extra dollars each month, just enough to take the pressure off!”

Thanks to eBay and the power of online auctions, literally millions of budding entrepreneurs have discovered the pressure-release valve of life by learning to make extra money on eBay.

The thing that has made entrepreneurship so difficult is that it requires a lot of time, commitment, and a thick skin to take on the constant rejection from potential supporters and insults you’ll receive from customers. Along with all that, it doesn’t hurt to have some big brass… well, you know.

eBay changed all that by acting as the middleman between the guy with the money (your customer) and the guy looking to take that money (that’s you, the entrepreneur!) In essence, eBay does all the heavy lifting of finding and bringing the customer to you. And they’ve become quite good in this role.

Today, eBay is one of the most visited websites on the Web. And the majority of those visitors are there for one reason: to buy something. All you have to do is list an item for sale. This is where most people get turned off. Fear of technology, of registering an account, of giving up one’s personal information — whatever the case may be. If you’re letting that stop you, you are really missing out on one of the greatest tools of the modern-day entrepreneur.

eBay’s strength is so powerful that even corporate behemoths like IBM sell on eBay!

The first step to making money on eBay is to just do it! Go to eBay, register, list an item, and you’ll quickly see just how simple it all is. Most people learn best by doing, so go forth and do.

Registration is a two step process that must be validated by clicking on a confirmation link that eBay will email you at the end of the process (so be absolutely sure that you use a viable email address during the registration process). The first step is to register as a buyer. Once you’ve done that, you can register as a seller.

Confused? Don’t worry. Click the “help” link on eBay’s site, then click “Learning Center”. The Learning Center is full of helpful animated tutorials that will walk you through the process of registration, step by step. It’s like watching over somebody’s shoulder as they register so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you go through the process yourself.