News from eBay Live! in Boston

Okay, so I’ve been back for a bit now and have been meaning to report on my trip to eBay Live! in Boston. Well, here it is late, but better than never.

Click on the pictures to see a larger, higher quality image:

My former employer, Doba, paid for my plane ticket to Boston. Here’s their exhibition booth in action.

And here it is, after the show, being torn down.

Here is a view of the Long Wharf Harbor from my hotel room.

This is the same harbor where the infamous Boston Tea Party occurred.

eBayers are crazy, as shown by this hoard mobbing an eBay employee in order to receive… what? A pound of gold? A barrel of silver? Try a tiny little pin. Hey, eBayers LOVE their pins!

Here’s a shot of the historic Faneuil Hall Market Place. Just up the way a bit is Faneuil Hall’s most famous tourist attraction, the Cheers bar.

My former manager at Doba, a corporate blogging expert, presented a class on how to increase your eBay business with blogging. The class was very well attended, and my old boss was mobbed afterwards

Quite a surprise to me was the fact that he used my blog, alongside his, as an example of personal blogs. Hmm… I smell a law suit! ;)

Doba CEO, Jeremy Hanks, was kind enough to take several of us to the Kingfish Hall Restaurant, winner of many restaurant awards. Let me tell you, seafood is about 100 times better tasting in Boston than anywhere in Utah!

That’s all for now. I’ll post more pictures later in the week.

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