New Place, New Fizz

After three years with one of the finest companies one could ever hope to work for, I’ve decided to take a pretty big risk by leaving Doba and going with a new start up that might just go under any day.

In my time at Doba, I watched them grow about 2,000% in annual revenue, about 900% in number of employees, and grow countless amounts in countless other ways. I leave behind over 4 weeks of paid vacation, a killer health and dental plan, company shares, and coworkers (who I consider to be close friends) that most people only ever dream of having the opportunity to work with.

As news spread, I was asked by many of my friends why I was leaving. My honest answer was that I had no good reason. I simply felt like it was time for a change.
My decision to leave was perhaps one of the hardest I’ve ever made in my life. But once I did, things happened very quickly. About two days later, without ever applying or inquiring, an offer was made to me by the folks at OrangeSoda. I accepted the next day and now here I am.

Things are a little different here. To begin with, I’m now the new guy. Nobody knows me here, whereas everybody knew me at Doba. When the first company newsletter for employees came out, my name was missing from the “new employees” list. In fact, I’m not even sure I’m on the payroll. I haven’t filled out any paperwork yet.

At Doba, I knew virtually everything about the company, its technology, and internal workings. At OrangeSoda, I know very little of those things. At Doba, I was employee #3. OrangeSoda, I’m somewhere on the order of employee #35. At Doba, I was good friends with the founders, owners, executives, and managers. Here, I’m friends with a couple of the cofounders, but am quite distant from other executives, most of whom I have yet to meet.

The good part is the “fizz”. At Doba, most of my writing had to do with educating our members, and generally had to be on a serious note. At OrangeSoda (where we handle internet marketing for businesses), most of my writing is for client content, landing pages, and the like.

Because OrangeSoda’s tagline is “Marketing… with Fizz,” I am expected to inject “fizz” into the content I write. Apparently my “fizziness” was in large part responsible for why I was chosen for this role.

While I am most comfortable writing fiction – what some might call “crazy fiction” (if only there were a Crazy Fiction category for the Nobel Prize) – the chance to inject some of my personality, something that I generally have to suppress due to the rules of society, into my work is a big relief for me.

Now, my writing strength is in fiction because, well, you get to just make stuff up. Writing an article that talks about three-headed, six-eyed monsters with snake tongues and cat’s paws generally doesn’t fly. With fiction, nobody cares!

Heck, come to think of it, my dream job might be as a writer for The Onion. Well, actually my dream job would be as a motorcycle riding black belt U.S. Marine Recon that flies F/A 18 Hornets and does secret assassinations of evil rabbits from all parts of the world.

Writing stuff that actually has to be true is a little more difficult. Perhaps most difficult for me is coming up with real stuff to actually write about. Here at OrangeSoda, I rarely need to come up with my own stuff. Our clients come to me and say, “Write us an article about three-headed, six-eyed monsters with snake tongues and cat’s paws,” and I’m good to go.

Anyway, after three days at OrangeSoda, things are so far so good. I haven’t had enough time to really observe the culture, but people overall seem like a pretty cool bunch. Nobody’s threatened my life or given me a random kick to the crotch yet, so I’ve gotta wonder how good it really is.

Anyway, I’ll keep you up to date.

7 thoughts on “New Place, New Fizz

  1. Alex McArthur

    It’s been great having you around the past few days. As for your comment about not having your life threatened yet….just wait for one of our full scale dice wars (as in the big, soft agency swag dice!).

  2. Mikal

    But eventually you have to ask yourself this…will the fizzers allow you to keep a bidet in your office? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

  3. queenmeadow

    As much as I love Doba and the employees there. I missed your blogging and am happy to have that back :)

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