K-BULL 93 (emphasis on BULL) Does It Again

Here in Utah, around 1993, the radio station known as Z-93 (a classic rock station) was getting ready to change hands. During the transition, they played nonstop the sound of a robotic voice counting down the days and hours. What the voice was counting down to, nobody really knew.

Personally, I didn’t care. The voice reminded me of Stephen Hawking, a personal hero of mine, and so I thought it was cool. Then when the countdown was finished, they started playing… *gasp* …country music!!!

That they took away my opportunity to endlessly listen to a Stephen Hawking impersonator count away the hours was bad enough. But to add insult to injury by playing country music… I didn’t think they’d ever be able to top my disappointment.

Well, just a couple days ago they did just that.

Those who know me understand my position on the American military, and how much I respect those who choose to serve. And just so we’re straight on this, the American military is an all volunteer force. Once you decide to serve, I don’t want to hear a lick of whining from anybody about how difficult or hard it is to do their duty. Serving one’s country is a right and an HONOR! It’s also hard, much more difficult than most Americans are willing to put up with, and for that I respect their decision to serve.

And while a whining serviceman or servicewoman makes me wanna vomit until I can vomit no more, those who pretend to support those in the service then turn around and stab them in the back make wanna just… well, if I said how it makes me feel, it could get me in a lot of trouble. If there’s one thing Drill Instructor Sergeant Newton taught me, it was to know when to lock it up.

And thus we come back around to the bull-oney bastards for whom this rant is directed at.

K-BULL 93, supposed supporters of our troops and their families, offered movie tickets to a military wife who earlier in the day had seen her husband off as he returned to Iraq to complete his deployment (as far as I can tell, he had a couple weeks of leave, and was returning to Iraq to finish his tour).

After waiting on hold for some time (30 minutes according to one witness) to give her information to the bull-oney eaters, she was disconnected. After calling back, she was referred to the station’s business office whereupon she called the business office, received no answer, and so left a message.

The office never called back, and the military wife never received her tickets.

The military wife’s good friend, anxious to do the things that good friends do for each other, emailed the station to report the situation and asked hopefully if there was anything they could do to make things right. A few other friends, also trying to help out, sent emails to the station as well.

At this point, all is well. There was just a misunderstanding, and a few friends were letting the radio station know how disappointing it was for their friend to have things fall through, and anything the station could do to rectify the situation would be great.

So how did the bull-oney freaks respond? By calling the military wife and yelling at her for getting her friends to gang up on the radio station and “inundate” them with email. And that’s just the beginning. Catch a more complete story here:


Now, let it be known that I have no idea whether this is a true story or not. But I do know somebody that knows somebody that knows the original story teller. They all swear it’s true, and that’s good enough for me. Plus, I’m still pissed that they got rid of the Stephen Hawking impersonator!

I hereby call upon all those within Utah to avoid listening to K-BULL-oney 93 at all costs! Furthermore, let’s show them the true meaning of “inundate.” Fire up your emails boys and girls and go to town!

Optionally, you can attend events held by the bull-oney eaters and throw tomatoes at them or something. Make sure they are rotten tomatoes, not the hard green ones you buy at the store. We don’t want anybody getting hurt now do we?

If you’re lazy like me, just call the station at 801-485-6700

Have fun, and remember, ummm… just get to work!

6 thoughts on “K-BULL 93 (emphasis on BULL) Does It Again

  1. Stu

    Thank you, both of you! Maiopiao, your story makes me wanna bash some… umm, watermelons. The world is wrought with uppity DJ’s that are so full of themselves they might explode at any second. Or, since they are full of themselves, would they implode? I love science, but man it sure can get confusing at times.

    My father was a Sailor and spent 7 months out of every year out to sea. He got out while I was very young and finished his retirement in the Air Guard, but to this day my mother still tells the stories about how hard it was, for both her and us kids.

    I can no longer serve because of physical disability, but my family knows that I would re-enlist if I ever got better, and I often think about how hard it would be on my family, and just how difficult it would be for me to leave my family when called upon.

    Military families deserve a greater respect for supporting and giving us their husbands, wives, sons, and daughters so they can serve this great nation. Without their service, this nation would not even exist.

  2. Maiopiao

    Thanks for the link. I am the person that it happened to. I posted on emlouisa’s blog the whole story in it’s entirety. I am still in shock over everything that happened. The shady way that things were handled really upset me. I agree about the whiney service members. My husband has served for 14 years, full time. He is proud of what he does, and so am I and our 3 children. I don’t expect any rewards or special treatment, just because I am a military wife. All I really expect is respect as a person, and that’s what every other person deserves as well.

  3. Johnny Bravo

    Well what do you expect Stu? Thier country sheep lovin liberals! Don’t you know there trying to pass the polygamy sheep law? This is where they can legally have more than 1 sheep to wife. LOL In Seriousness that’s Dirt low. What a bunch of scumbags!

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