Desktop Tower Defense: Super-Duper Time Waster

Thanks to “Buck” Roberts, I have thoroughly wasted a large chunk of my life that I can never get back when he introduced me to the game Desktop Tower Defense.

There was a time when I looked forward to getting off work so I could relax and spend time with my family. But addiction is such a sad disease, and it takes its toll on one’s life. These days, my free time is spent obsessing over killing those *$@! flying bosses!

I plead with you to not click the link I have provided above, lest you become sucked into a hole with a bottomless pit as I have. But, if you must, my strategy may help you:

Note the cheap pellet guns to guide the path of those deranged little ball dudes, leading them to the center — a place I like to call “The Gauntlet” — where fully upgraded squirters pummel the living tar out of any who dare enter.

Click the image to see a bigger one.

Good luck my friend. Not in winning the game, but in breaking your addiction.

4 thoughts on “Desktop Tower Defense: Super-Duper Time Waster

  1. queenmeadow

    I’ve witnessed the bloodshot eyes and lack of communication first hand, not clicking the link. thanks :P

  2. captain-kid

    Stu, if you could just be content with second place, you’d save us both a lot of time wasting, but now that you’ve gone and beaten my score, I’ll have to keep playing until I figure out a way to beat you. Then you’ll want to be me again. It’s a vicious cycle.

  3. Stu

    You may be in luck. I’ve just joined DTTD-Addicts Anonymous. I’m currently in their 52-step program to break the habit.

    Three hours without DTTD and I’ve already got the DT’s. Must… resist… temptation!!!


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