Getting Hot on Full Tilt Poker

With the feds banning the ability to deposit money into online gambling accounts in the U.S., I went looking for some crazy loop hole to get around it. Well, I didn’t have to look far. Full Tilt Poker allows deposits through third-party off-shore accounts.

I haven’t quite yet had the desire necessary to go through the process of opening a new account with a money-transfer service, depositing money into it, then transferring the money to Full Tilt.

But one thing that I found fun was that they hold play-money sit-and-go tournaments, something that most other poker sites don’t have.

The tournaments are nice because when money’s not involved, there are simply too many crazies out there, betting when they normally wouldn’t on the hope of getting lucky. Sometimes they do, but even if they don’t, they just get more chips and keep going at it. It’s tough to have a serious game with those kind of players around.

Thus the tournament. The crazies end up getting knocked out and aren’t allowed to return. Eventually, all (at least most) of the crazies are out of the tournament and you can have a decent game with the serious players.

How crazy are people? Well, let me put it this way. The last tournament I played had 90 players to start. After one hand — yes, the VERY FIRST hand — 22 players got knocked out. After just 12 hands more than two-thirds of the players were gone, leaving fewer than thirty. At that point I had only played three hands.

After 17 hands, I took the following screen shot showing my stats for the game up to that point:

I ended up coming in seventh, the 10th out of 16 tournaments in which I had placed “in the bubble” as they say. My stats for the entire game:

Here’s a quickview of my Full Tilt Poker play-money tournament history:

game players finished winnings
Texas NL 9 1st 1,125
Texas NL 9 4th 0
Texas NL 9 1st 1,125
Texas NL 9 4th 0
Texas NL 9 9th 0
Texas NL 9 2nd 675
Texas NL 90 29th 0
Texas NL 90 36th 0
Texas NL 18 3rd 900
Texas NL 18 1st 1,800
Texas NL 18 1st 1,800
Texas NL 18 ? 0
Omaha Hi PL 9 1st 1,125
Texas NL 9 2nd 675
Texas NL 18 2nd 1,350
Texas NL 90 7th 900

I know the game will change if I ever decide to play for real money, but my record thus far has me feeling pretty good about it.

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