Things That Makes Doba Great

Those who know me understand that I absolutely love the company I work for. A couple of weeks after I started working there, I knew it was something special. A friend of mine referred me to a job that paid about 50% more hourly; but with overtime, which was plentiful, it turned out to be about 140% more.

I told the guy, “Forget it. I’m never leaving Doba!”

Foolish? After three years at Doba (my anniversary was February 1) I would dare say… not even close!

What makes it the awesomest place in the world to work?

The environment. We get a lot done, but it hardly feels like work at all. And I consider my coworkers to be good friends, some of the finest people anywhere. My boss is no exception. Despite being a very driven manager, he spoils me to no end, and I have learned a ton under his tutelage.

The founders. You won’t find a more enthusiastic and fun-loving executive team anywhere in the world! I work hard for them because I want them to succeed just as badly as they want me to succeed.

The perks. Thanks to my 3 years of service, I now get 4 weeks and one day of paid vacation this year! I also receive unit options that make me part owner in the company. The company covers somewhere on the order of 75% of my health and dental insurance costs. And we get REAL no-deductible dental insurance from Met Life, not one of those crappy “dental plans.”

Doba Day. This annual founder’s day celebration turns Doba into an absolute madhouse! You haven’t lived until you’ve survived a Doba Day celebration. Mardi Gras ain’t got nothing!

Sure there’s the Doba truck, Doba Mustang, and one of the wildest Christmas parties in the state, but those are all just nice little extras that really mean very little to me when it comes to my love of Doba.

So there you have it. Just a little something to let the world know why I love Doba so much. Long Live the Triumvirate!

Coming: photos to prove all that I have claimed!

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