Imprisoning Harmless Kids In Exchange For Federal Bribes

Did you know that local law enforcement agencies all over America are accepting what amounts to bribes from the federal government to arrest kids who are of no harm to society? That’s bad enough. But the way some agencies are going about is truly disgusting.

People who pretend to befriend another, all the while with the intent to eventually stab that person in the back, hits very close to home for me. This is evil. Those who commit or support these acts have no place in a civilized society. None.

(Original story by Vice)

If you don’t have 20 minutes to spare, here is the 2 minute highlight reel:

  • Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Zipperstein is sent to a Temecula high school undercover as a student, 21 Jump Street style.
  • Deputy befriends loners, less popular kids, relentlessly harasses and begs his new-found “friends” for pot.
  • One of the kids Deputy Dan “befriends” is an autistic boy who has no friends and who has been bullied most of his life.
  • Autistic boy gets convinced by man he thinks is a teen, as well as his only friend, to score marijuana for him.
  • Boy gets brought in by police for questioning.
  • Deputy Dan walks into room in uniform, detective asks, “Do you know this person?”
  • Boy says, “No.”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • Boy looks again, “Dan??” he asks incredulously, recognizing who he thought was his only friend.
  • Sheriff’s department pats themselves on the back for tricking a bunch of innocent kids into helping an undercover cop buy pot, thus securing more federal money (money that is taken from taxpayers by force).

Apparently there are no more unsolved rapes and murders in Riverside County. What other explanation is there for police to commit resources to going into high schools and creating crimes where none exist rather than doing their jobs and actually reducing real crime?

This is how your tax dollars are being rewarded to police departments. This is how Riverside County “protects” its communities. Think of it what you will. But to me it’s dishonorable, reprehensible, and purely sickening.

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