I read a blog post recently referring to Pakistanis as barbarians. The reasoning was that many Pakistanis were beating up health officials administering polio vaccinations. Why would they do that? Because many Pakistanis believe that the vaccinations are a conspiracy by Jews and Christians to rid the world of Muslims.

Hmm… I always figured the best way to rid the world of somebody was to simply kill them. You know, with bombs and stuff. Vaccinating against a deadly disease seems like a very ineffective way to off someone. Anyway, I figure they’re just “misunderstood.” Take that however you will.

But if you want true barbarism, you should try using the bathrooms where I work. I don’t know if it’s just one person, or there are many barbarians where I work, but for the past couple months or so somebody has been urinating on the bathroom floor… right in front of the urinal. This happens in multiple bathroom stalls.

And what makes it even worse, I’ll bet you money that whoever it is doesn’t even wash their hands afterward! Man, that’s just nasty.

One thought on “Barbarians

  1. QueenMeadow

    Thats just sick and wrong! I say they hire someone to go inspect the bathroom after each person goes in. If they catch the culprit they make him scrub the bathroom down with a toothbrush.


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