Deer On My Lawn

Now I’ve had Mallard ducks, quails, pheasants, woodpeckers, and even a *&#@! rooster (piece-of-crap rooster woke me up at 5am every freakin’ morning!) wander onto my lawn in the three years I’ve lived in this house. But this is the first time I’ve gotten these kinds of visitors.

These three intruders showed up on my neighbor’s lawn first. I discovered them when my wife opened the door and screamed at me, “Get the camera, quick!” So I hurried as quickly as I could, bringing the camera to her. That’s when I saw two deer on my neighbor’s lawn.

My wife turns on the camera… batteries are dead. So I grab the camera and replace the batteries, expecting the deer to be long gone by the time I get back. As I’m replacing the batteries, my wife is intensely whispering, “Hurry! … Oh, don’t go in the street! … Ack! Watch out!” and things of that nature.

By the time I get the camera ready and poke my head out the door, there they are, standing right in the middle of my lawn. Remembering the video of the guy who got the crap beat out of him by a deer (he later said that he thought the deer was trying to mate with him), I stick the camera out the door — keeping body safely inside — and quickly snapped this picture:

Then off they ran into my other neighbor’s yard. After waiting a time and feeling it was safe to wander on out there, this photo was snapped:

I know, you were hoping it was a picture of a deer trying to hump me. Sorry to disappoint you with measely deer tracks.

3 thoughts on “Deer On My Lawn

  1. Anonymous

    Stu —
    The person responsible for your Marine experience is the Beeotch Head shrink, not your truck driving idiot of a Drill Sergeant. While he is worthy of your despise as are many big headed cops, he is in reality not your nemisis. In reality you could sue her for for plenty! Malpractice is a big deal.
    Best Regards,
    your fellow Marine Buddy in Arms,
    Capn Mstng2 AKA John ooohrah!!

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