I Got Tagged, Now I’m “It”

Tag is a game I usually play with my kids. But this blog tag thing… hmmm. Okay, I’ll give it a shot.

I was tagged by Bart Gibby. He was my home teacher in a previous ward (it’s an LDS thing) and we’ve kept in touch via email after I moved out.

I guess the idea is for me to reveal five lesser known things about me, then tag five others with the same task.

I just hope the bloggers I hit don’t hate me as much as I hate those dang email chain letters I’m always getting from well-intentioned friends and family. Well, here goes.

Five things you probably don’t know about me:

  1. I’m a comic book freak. I started collecting when I was 12, and stopped when I was around 17… a matter of money rather than desire. Then comics got crazy with all the gold foil special edition crap they started pushing, going the way of sports cards. I lost interest after that.
  2. I estimate that I’ve seen the Transformers movie (animated) well over 100 times. I bought the VHS when I was 20, and now my kids have seen it nearly as much as I have.
  3. I’ve killed well over 100 rabbits. Though I was desensitized to killing through USMC training, I quit hunting rabbits because I started to feel bad about all the killing. Rabbits are innocent. Humans are not.
  4. I dated a girl that tried to get into my pants once. I wouldn’t let her though, so the relationship didn’t last. Guys the world over have since asked me, “What were you thinking?!”
  5. My great great great grandfather (or thereabouts) was told by his future father-in-law that he would not be allowed to marry his daughter unless he took on the family name (the daughter was the last in the family, and her father wanted the name to continue). My ancestor agreed. Ain’t love grand? Except now, instead of a nice traditional American name, I’m stuck with a name that nobody else is able to pronounce correctly. Way to go grand dad!

Sorry it’s not all that exciting. And for the rest of you who, for some weird reason, thought I was a Navy SEAL with 22 confirmed kills (2 with a shovel)… it’s not true. Well, not the Navy SEAL part anyway ;)

I’ve tagged Buck Roberts, Bryce Ott, My Wife, Clark Winegar (who should just quit his job so he’ll have time to write those sweet blog posts of his!), and Mikal Belicove.

You guys are now “it”. I’ll take no offense if you kill me for hatred of receiving the blog equivalent of a chain letter.

6 thoughts on “I Got Tagged, Now I’m “It”

  1. Captain Kid

    Here is my problem with this game of tag:
    Being the loser that I am, I don’t know very many other people that blog. And the few of them that I do know, you’ve already tagged. I honestly don’t know five more people that Blog. Watch you back. I’m sharpening my shovel.

  2. QueenMeadowhttp://queenmeadow.blogspot.com/

    Clark, just post saying that whomever reads your tag is now tagged, ha.

    Hunny, I told you that girls think you are hot and want to get in your pants. Now everyone else knows too ;)

  3. Bryce

    Since my conversion to nerdism at age 4 when I discovered how to bend light with my mind, I have been fiercely loyal to separating nerd me from the rest of me. This got me through a rather enjoyable time playing football in junior high and high school, but finally came to a head when I proposed to my wife and I had to convince her that I was nerdy enough to make money and support her for the rest of her life. Since then, things have been blurry, but in the world wide of blogging, I remain divided. Since my blog bitshifting.blogspot.com (shameless plug) is dedicated to “nerdy” things I can’t play tag there. Sorry Stu.

    I’ll play your “tag” though by mooching space on your site. Read on for the results.

    5 Things about me:

    1. When I was a kid, my mom used to look for ways to get rid of us in the summers ’cause we drove her so crazy being out of school, so she would send us to “Vacation Bible School” ’cause it was free. Growing up in Texas meant this was quite a show. I think that’s where I learned to ‘hoot and holla’. Strangly I remember absolutely nothing religious about the experience.
    2. I’ve climbed the tallest mountain in Texas! Ha, you’re laughing. Me too, but it’s more impressive than it sounds. Check it out here.
    3. I’ve killed over 200 rabbits in an effort to bring meals to the needy coyote population, who I sometimes kill to help the rabbits, but unlike Stu I continue to hunt.
    4. Flower smelling perfumes and lotions make me nauseated and allergic, but I really like the ones that smell like fruit. My wife knows this and uses it to her advantage for better or worse.
    5. Once I was thinking about becoming a doctor. Then I took a college Anatomy class, and although the cadaver didn’t really bother me, the thought of memorizing hoards of medical terms for at least the next 8 years completely turned me off to the idea.

  4. StuTheWise

    That was awesome Bryce. It also reminded me of something. Those of you who know me may be quite surprised by this, but I was a starting defensive lineman for my Jr. High football team.

    But by the team I reached High… GAH!! Damn… who stuck this shovel in my back?!

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