Christmas: Not Just for Christians Anymore

Well, not that Christmas really ever had anything to do with Christianity. It should be no surprise that atheists around the world celebrate the birth of required gift exchanges.

Birth of Christ? Oh, is that what we’re supposed to pretend it’s about? I didn’t realize it had anything to with that amongst the 10 million Christmas Specials I’ve seen with no mention of Jesus, his birth or life, but are rather about a jolly fat man named after an anagram of satan, based on a Catholic saint and modeled after Odin.

Though once outlawed in America, Christmas itself has become quite an ecclectic celebration, incorporating traditions and ceremonies from many different civilizations throughout history.

Well, rather than repeat my rant of last year, here’s a link to it.


I did learn something new this year though. From the Pagan Claus site:


Mithra, by the way, was born on December 25, of a virgin. His birth was witnessed by shepherds and magicians [magi]. Mithra raised the dead and healed the sick and cast out demons. He returned to heaven at the spring equinox and before doing so had a last supper with his 12 disciples (representing the 12 signs of the zodiac), eating mizd, a piece of bread marked with a cross (an almost universal symbol of the sun). Any of that sound familiar?

4 thoughts on “Christmas: Not Just for Christians Anymore

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  2. Tracy

    Christmas is for giving and for charity and for the spirit of giving in the likes of not presents but helping those around you. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

  3. Shawn

    Well, there’s also the Babylon Goddes Mother Semiranis and her child-god Tammuz who’s lives and legends are simliar to Jesus, though much older.

    Not to mention that estimates and references to Jesus’ birth implies that he was born in the fall, not winter, but the Catholic church changed the date to better adapt to the Pagan celebration of the winter solstice and the birth of the Sun God, so that conversion was easier.

    Plus, the births of Bacchus, Adonis, Jupiter, Osiris, Horus, and Hercules were celebrated at this time as well.

    Though we currently associate Christmas with Christ’s birth, it is also the time that St. Nicholas bore his gifts and good cheer.

    So essentially, Christmas is an amalgamation of many beliefs, cultures, and customs. It is the Christians that insist on it being about one thing when in actuality, it just isn’t.

    So, Merry Christmas to all beliefs and cultures. And Happy Holidays to those who just don’t get it.

    Does this help add to the fuel of your fire, Stu?

  4. Stu

    Oh yes! Much fire! I cover a lot of this in a previous post. Christmas was started by order of the Pope in order to celebrate Christ’s birth on Earth, so I would argue that its supposed to be about that, though as you pointed out, it’s not.

    The reasons for why I also point out in the Christmas Rant of 2005.


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