When Customer Support Doesn’t Support

About a year ago, I requested that the company I work for get me Kaspersky Antivirus for my computer. What I got instead was Symantec Antivirus.

This was to replace McAfee, a trial that came with the piece of crap Dell I was issued. I hated the McAfee program with a passion, and was happy to rid myself of it. Although, I had a feeling Symantec would be only slightly better.

Well, aside from being a resource hog, apparently the term “antivirus” also means anti-adware, anti-trackware, anti-this, anti-that according to Symantec. Thus, since I run the Alexa toolbar on my system, Symantec keeps trying to delete it. Every time is does, I reinstall it. I had to fiddle with the settings for several weeks, but eventually I thought I had solved the problem. Several months had gone by without any problems (aside from the normal slowing of my ‘puter thanks to all the hoggy software on it… that and the fact that the Dell piece of crap is, well, a piece of crap.)

Then one morning I come in, boot up my computer, and discover that Symantec had once again deleted my Alexa toolbar. I reinstalled it, only to have Symantec uninstall it again just a few minutes later.

Okay, I figure it’s time to contact Symantec customer support and resolve this issue. I decide to go the Live Chat route. I had to wait about 20 minutes just to reach an agent on Symatec’s Live Chat support. Here’s a copy & paste of the conversation that took place once I finally got a hold of someone:

Thendral K: Hi, thank you for contacting Symantec Live Technical Support. My name is Thendral K. How may I help you?

Stuart: Yes, Symantec AntiVirus keeps deleting my Alexa Toolbar, though I’ve instructed it, everywhere I know to, to ignore it

Thendral K: Okay…

Stuart: So what I’ve done is gone into each of the different scan types and set Trackware.Alexa as an exception, then did the same thing under “Configure”… it worked for several months, then just recently it’s started deleting it again

Thendral K: While I review the issue in further detail, will you hold for 1 or 2 minutes?

Stuart: sure thing

Thendral K: Thank you.

–about a 5 minute wait–

Thendral K: Thank you for your patience.

–another 5 minute wait–

Thendral K: I see that this is out of my support scope,i request you to contact 1-800-721-3934.

Stuart: ok, I’ll give them a call

Thendral K: This is our free phone number, im sure they would resolve this issue.

Thendral K: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Stuart: that’s all, thanks

Thendral K: Thank you for contacting Symantec Live Technical Support. Have a great day!

This experience cause me to think back to the days when I worked support. Why didn’t I ever think of doing that?

“I’m sorry sir, but that’s outside my support scope. Let me transfer you to the next support tier. Hold please.”

Boy, that sure as heck would’ve made my life easier! Too bad I actually made a real effort to help people. I found out the hard way that being good at support is one of the quickest ways to get fired.

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