Can I Have Another Saladin?

There are many sensible Muslims in the world today, but none carry the needed influence to talk sense into the much larger number of Muslims that think violence solves everything.

I guess I should just be glad that the majority of these so called “senseless” Muslims live on the other side of the world where I don’t have to deal with them. But they are still a thorn in the side of the world.

A few days ago, Pope Benedict said that Islamic holy war was against God’s nature and invited Muslims to join in a peaceful cultural dialogue.

The Pope went on to quote 14th-century Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus:

Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.

The Pope further said:

The emperor goes on to explain in detail the reasons why spreading the faith through violence is something unreasonable. Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul. The emperor certainly knew that Sura 2, 256, reads: ‘No force in matters of faith’. It is one of the early suras, from a time — as experts say — in which Mohammed himself was still powerless and threatened.

But Mohammed himself grew quite a lust for blood as his influence and power increased. Funny how that happens huh? Thus Mohammed spent a large part of his career as prophet in violence raiding caravans, beheading non-believers, and coercing conversion by the sword.

It’s no wonder Islam has grown up to be what it is today.

So how did Muslims (the crazy ones) react to the Pope’s call for a peaceful dialog between Islam and Christianity, and a stop to coerced conversion through violence?

Just imagine yourself sitting there and hearing the Pope call on Islam to stop the violence. “Hey, I have a great idea, let’s prove to the world that we really are a bunch stark mad raving lunatics with nothing but violence on our minds!”

As one Vatican spokesman said, “It’s a bit sad and ironic that the reaction to the Pope’s call for a stop to violence… is violence!”

Thus, influential Muslims have come back to essentially threaten to kill all non-Muslims until there is no one but Muslims left. Gee, what a shock. Seriously, that’s the last thing I expected… no really, seriously.

But what will they do when there is no one left to kill? Ever see the episode of Tom & Jerry where Jerry finally gets rid of Tom? At first he’s happy. But after some time, he realizes that his life has no purpose.

Well crazy psychotic Muslims (by that, I mean to leave out the sensible Muslims), have fun suicide bombing your way to victory. And when you get to heaven, where your Earthly wives inherit the great heavenly glory of watching you deflower 72 virgin women and 28 young boys, leave out a bowl of raisins for the rest of us would ya?

Will the world ever stop pretending that Islam is a peaceful religion?

I’ll try to keep hope alive that another Saladin, who will be honorable and merciful, will rise up to lead Islam and work together with Christianity for peace.

Christianity had their share of violence and terrorist acts. Perhaps Islam too will outgrow this (albeit very long lasting) “phase”.

2 thoughts on “Can I Have Another Saladin?

  1. Seven Star Hand

    Hello Stu and all,

    Good article. Here’s my two bits in support.

    There is no truth without discernment and taking this situation out of context will never solve this world’s problems. The straw that breaks the camel’s back always follows the results of earlier deeds.

    The Pope’s choice of words was brain dead, in my humble opinion, if he was seeking to spread peace. He could have appealed for cooler heads and humility from all sides using any other words, but instead he chose to quote Crusade era hypocrisy that was guaranteed to inflame Muslims. Now we see the backtracking and spinning that always follows the gaffes of those afraid of simply telling the truth.

    More proof that religion is the opposite of truth, wisdom, and justice

    The “infallible” Grand Inquisitor (the pot) sought to lecture Islam (the kettle) about spreading religion through dark deeds by quoting a Dark Ages text while the USA and Europe are in the midst of the Neo-Crusades. The irony and absurdity in this situation is amazing, to say the least. It evidences both the fallacy and fallibility of those who vainly and arrogantly pretend to serve the Creator.

    Dear Pope, ever heard of Karma or the golden rule? Ever stop to remember how the Vatican and western nations became so rich and powerful over the centuries? Ever consider giving up your blood drenched wealth and earthly power to end the blatant hypocrisy of your vane, materialistic, and duplicitous empire? Ever think of forgoing your peacock’s robes to walk the walk instead of simply talking the talk? Remember the “eye of the needle” and “log and mote in the eye” parables? Is this a demonstration of your infallibility, wisdom, or utter blindness? As another wise one once said; What goes around comes around!

    The West has killed far more Muslims (and other dark skins) than they have killed westerners, yet our press and leaders can only see Muslim and “third world” desperation in the face of western military and economic dominance and oppression, (in the name of God and country, by the way), as sources of evil in this world.

    Guess what guys and girls, war, violence, and injustice are evil, no matter what the excuse or cause or who is doing it to whom. Anyone who thinks the Creator would judge religion, war, or any other profiteering at the expense of others as wise or acceptable activities has a very big surprise in store.

    Here is Wisdom!!
    …and here too…

  2. StuTheWise

    Thanks for the comments. And very good points. I especially agree that the Crusades were not a particularly bright spot in Christianity’s history, and would be best left as an example of how Christian’s should not act.

    In fact, if the movie Kingdom of Heaven (great movie by the way) is any indication, it was Saladin the Muslim that was the sensible one.

    I will agree with you that war, in and of itself, is evil. It would difficult to argue otherwise… but sadly, some think that the argument for why war is sometimes necessary (as a result of the evil that exists which brings it about) proves that war is not always evil.

    Also, it is a Muslim that would be an example. When Saladin died, he had no money left for a funeral. He had given most of it to charity.


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