Have You Forgotten?

I was working the swing shift at eBay, so I typically slept in later than normal. It was about 9:00 am when my wife came back home from shopping. She came down into the room and told me, “The World Trade Center is gone!”

I sat up in bed and said, “What?” She repeated herself and I just figured she didn’t know what she was talking about. “Do you know what the World Trade Center is?” I asked her. “How can it be gone?”

She told me that a plane or something flew into them. My first thought was that it was some horrible accident. I got up to turn on the television. I knew that something this tragic would be on every channel. I watched the TV the rest of the morning.

I was scheduled to work at 1:00 pm that day. I listened to the radio on my way in. As I pulled into the business park where the eBay building is located, I saw that every flag at every building was at half mast. I pulled into the parking lot and took several minutes before getting out of my car and going in the building.

Everybody knew a war was coming. I wished to God that I was healthy so I could re-enlist. Then I could fly around in this sweet helo (notice anything interesting about it?):

If you can’t see what I’m talking about, here’s a hint: take a look at the camouflage pattern.

May we never forget!

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