Rocket Test Flights

Earlier today, I took a couple new rockets for test flights. Sadly, I forgot my camera. However, here are a few pre- and post-flight images.

We had a visitor the yesterday, hanging out at the bottom of our porch:

Here is my two-stager right after completion. It’s about 30″ tall.

We did a one stage test flight which was successful, then a two-stage flight that went perfectly! It went over 1,000 feet and managed to land on the roof of a school. Luckily, we were able to recover it.

I was in the mood for a taller rocket, so I got this 41″ beastie for my son:

Its first flight was successful. We used a C6-5 motor and it was actually pretty cool. It moved slower than our other rockets, made lots of smoke, and still got good height.

Still waiting on an “E” engine to launch my son’s broken rocket into the stratosphere. That will happen soon I hope.

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