Are You Ready to Revolt? The Answer Is, “No.”

I was listening to a podcast involving producer and author G. Edward Griffin recently in which Mr. Griffin was discussing fractional reserve banking. Mr. Griffin said of such a system that, “If the average person knew that this scam was actually going on, well there’d be some kind of revolution probably by morning.”

Well I hate to disagree with someone who is, in all likelihood, much smarter than me, but I’m going to any way.

For starters, I think there are enough people that know about fractional reserve banking to start some kind of revolution. But I haven’t seen any kind of revolution rising yet. Second, the average person just doesn’t care.

Our banking laws were put in place by the legislative body known as Congress. Members of Congress are viewed as government authorities. The average person will do anything — and I mean ANYTHING, up to and including killing a person — if an authority figure tells them to do it. This has been proven by the Milgram Experiment, the results of which have been duplicated across many different cultures in many different countries.

Most Americans believe that they would stand up to such authority. But if that were true, why then do we have a volunteer military of over 2.2 million persons who, at the command of our President, invades foreign countries and kills not just combatants, but civilians as well?

Why is there no public outrage against war crimes committed by the last two presidents? Why no outrage at the revelations of domestic spying? Why no outrage at the daily civil rights violations by our increasingly militarized police forces? Why no outrage when the military and police in New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina, blatantly violated the 4th amendment by forcibly entering homes in order to violate the 2nd amendment by forcibly disarming private citizens? Why, when Bradley Manning revealed war crimes committed by the U.S., were we not outraged at our government directing these crimes but rather outraged at Manning for revealing these crimes?

Why is there only outrage when authority tells us to be outraged?

Because we are trained, from the day we exit the womb, to submit to authority. It starts with parents who exert their authority over their children, it continues in public schools when we are told to submit to the authority of teachers, in church when we are told to submit to the authority of God (which is, of course, represented by a pope, prophet, preacher, imam or some other “religious” person who desires to control people), in our communities when we are told to submit to the authority of law enforcement. The Milgram Experiment confirms all this.

It’s time to break free of what you’ve been continuously trained to do from birth. Think for yourself and become outraged.

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