English Grammar: It’s Not Rocket Science!

My wife showed me a tweet recently in which the author used a sentence containing the words “there”, “their”, and “they’re” with correct usage for each. The author then ended with, “It’s not rocket science!”

Inferiority ComplexYou’re exactly right. It’s not rocket science. It’s English. And, just like rocket science, there are people who are good at it and others who are not. In no way is the ability to consistently use correct grammar reflective of a person’s intelligence, wisdom, or moral fiber. It’s a reflection on their grammar skills.

So grammar nazis, here’s your reality check: you are no better or worse than anyone else in the world. Just because you have an easier time putting words together that abide by the rules you were taught in grade school does not make you superior to any other person. In fact, constantly correcting the grammar of others just exposes your own feelings of inadequacy that you hide by putting others down when they aren’t as good as you with words.

Trolling Grammar NazisI know you grammar nazis have more skills than simply insulting others with your oh-my-gosh-he’s-so-eloquent-with-his-perfect-grammar writing. Maybe you could use them to help others feel better rather than constantly looking for bad grammar as a reason to belittle others in order to prop yourself up.

But really, that’s just my own opinion — which happens to be no better or worse than yours.

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