Security and Police Uniforms Should Come With Warning Labels

Warning: putting on this uniform may cause you to lose all sensibilities and experience a false justification to exercise power and authority over others

Remember the Stanford Prison Experiment that psychology professor Philip Zimbardo ended up having to shut down early because the “prison guards” in the experiment became excessively brutal towards the “inmates”?

If you haven’t read up on it, you really should. It’s a fascinating study on how, even under controlled conditions, perfectly normal people will turn against those who were previously viewed as equals simply because someone told them, “You are better than those people.” History has seen similar examples repeated many times over.

And here’s the latest example. Only this time the “inmates” refuse to cooperate in their subjugation.

Now, admittedly, that’s a clip showing only part of what happened, preventing us from seeing the whole story unfold. However, the security agency did end up firing the security guard in that video.

Truth be told, I feel very sorry for that woman. Why is she so angry? I used to be angry too. There are very few things I’ve experienced in my life more freeing than letting go of my anger and choosing, instead, to be happy and okay with the world.

In light of my life-changing dismissal of my formerly angry self, I have come to realize that anger is never — and I truly believe NEVER — appropriate under any circumstance. Look at what it did to this woman. She ended up starting a fight, losing her job, and being absolutely humiliated on camera. All because she allowed her anger to control her.

Moral of the story: If you can’t handle the responsibility of wearing the uniform, then don’t ever put it on; neither literally nor figuratively.

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