Playing With Rockets

Wednesday, on my last day of vacation, my family and I took some model rockets we had built and had fun launching them into space… well, almost into space. Ok, not even close. But it was still fun!

Here are a bunch of pictures:

getting ready for first launch

counting down


and lift off!

recovery can be a pain at times

pack the chute badly, and you get a destroyed rocket

We still have two more rockets that we didn’t complete in time for this wonderous event. They are some sweet 2-stage rockets that fly as high as 1200 feet! I’ll post more pictures if I ever actually get those ones done.

4 thoughts on “Playing With Rockets

  1. QueenMeadow

    It wasn’t bad parachute packing that happened, it was crappy constructing of the rocket. yeah, thats it! ;)

  2. StuTheWise

    Absolutely! In fact, you may even wish to build a rocket of your own to join us in the wonderment that is a launching-of-a-rocket-that-is-your-very-own.

    But even if you don’t build your own, you can still watch. We may even let you push the launch button!


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