Fires Can Suck at Times

So, not only does the sun directly kill and mame, but it also causes this dry hot weather which results in unwanted FIRES!

Such fires can ultimately result in timely delays on your way home from someplace far away, as happened with me and my family over the weekend.

Those two young men in the center of the picture busted out a football and played a little pass.

Traffic got backed up several miles. People at the front of the line said they had been waiting for two hours! The guy in the red Impala is a U.S. Marine. HOORAH!

We caught this fireplane flying around. We also got to see a helicopter dumping water.

Eventually, they redirected us onto I-70 where we had to travel about 50 miles to Salina (just outside Richfield) and take a roundabout way to Nephi. We got to see the originating point of the fire in so doing. Thus a 3 hour trip turned into 5 hours. NOT HAPPY! But hey, at least I got to see Richfield and about a dozen other tiny towns I had never heard of, like freakin’ Elsinore, population: 2 chipmunks and three rabbits.

2 thoughts on “Fires Can Suck at Times

  1. Ryan

    So where was the fire? Somewhere on your way down to Cedar City? Why did it take them so long to decide to re-route the traffic? I NEED ANSWERS!


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