The Stretch of Conspiracies

This post discusses a few things that some conspiracy theorists wrongfully believe. Reveal the truth to many conspiracy theorists, and I can just about guarantee they will have never heard it before. They only know what they’ve been fed.

Now I may very well be a part of the conspiracy, an agent of the Illuminati (which I personally don’t believe still exists as an organization today… or do I?) trying to throw you off the trail. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

To start, I’d like to talk about the obverse (backside) of the Great Seal of the U.S. which appears on American currency.

A common conspiracy theory is that the Eye of Providence on American currency is “proof” that the Free Masons, Illuminati, or other groups have great power over the world, and are responsible for placing these symbols on currency.

It is generally believed that the Eye of Providence (often referred to as the All Seeing Eye) is a symbol used in Masonry (which some people think is somehow connected to the Illuminati). It is actually a symbol used in and by many cultures and groups throughout history, but conspiracy theorists often associate it with Free Masonry.

In reality, you may never see the Eye of Providence, as it appears on the Great Seal, in Masonry. The Masonic symbol of the eye typically has the eye surrounded by clouds (not in a triangle) with beams of “glory” radiating from it.

In Masonry, the symbol represents the all-seeing eye of God, or as Masons often refer to Him as: The Great Architect (that may sound familiar because the movie The Matrix used a lot of religious symbolism, including referring to the program that creates the digital world as “The Architect”).

The all-seeing eye has been used by many cultures to represent the same. So essentially, it is a virtually universal representation to mean that God sees all. The fact that the Eye of Providence appears on the Great Seal of the United States and American currency simply means that America’s founders had a strong belief in God. The statement Annuit Cœptis, which appears just above the Eye of Providence, is Latin for “He [God] favors us.”

Frankly, if you take a look at American military history, you can’t help but think God really does (or at the least, did) favor America. The Revolutionary War which we weren’t supposed to win, Antietam during the Civil War, Midway during WWII, just to mention a few. But back to the subject at hand.

Below the eye is an unfinished pyramid. To my knowledge, there are no major conspiracy theories about the pyramid itself. Aside from being a prominent symbol of many cultures throughout the world (most often attached with the ancient Egyptians), here are a few thoughts about its “true” meaning:

  • the 13 steps represent the 13 original colonies, and the unfinished pyramid represents the fact that the nation is unfinished and future growth is expected
  • the number 13 has biblical significance, representing love and unity
  • William Barton, one of the originators that helped put the unfinished pyramid on American currency, is quoted as saying it represents “strength and prosperity”; which, frankly, doesn’t make sense to me
  • the pyramid contains 72 bricks, which has Judeo-Christian meaning as the number of nations
  • some say it is a symbol of the Illuminati, but I have yet to see evidence of this

The roman numerals, MMCCLXXVI, displayed at the bottom of the pyramid are pretty straightforward as the year of our nation’s birth.

Now we get to the Latin phrase below the pyramid which gets quite a bit of attention: Novus Ordo Seclorum. Conspiracy theorists say it translates as, “The New Secular [world] Order”, which is quite a stretch. The correct translation is, “New Order of the Ages”.

This is typically thought to represent the birth of our great nation, or our nation entering a new era.

Well, that about covers the Eye of Providence / unfinished pyramid / new world order stuff. Next time, maybe I’ll talk about the crazy theory about a missile slamming into the Pentagon on 9/11.

3 thoughts on “The Stretch of Conspiracies

  1. TmjUtah

    I don’t know about transnational conspiracies, per se -

    But I do know that we are conspiring to have a culdesac cookout on Tuesday up here in Orem. We’ve done the same thing here since 92 – potluck and no plan – and you & yours are welcome to stop by for a hello and bite if you would like.

    Food starts after two or three, and cannon shooting in Cherry Hill park starts at five. Email me for an address if you are interested.

  2. StuTheWise

    Unfortunately we have plans that day… but, if the opportunity arises, we may come looking for the BBQ smoke and/or listen for the bangs and pay a visit!

  3. TmjUtah

    Right on.

    Four kinds of spareribs, Dutch oven cherry cobbler w/whipped cream for dessert.


    I hope y’all have a fine Independence Day, Stu.


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