The Things the Power Company has to Deal With

My sister works out at Strawberry Bay Marina, where she sees all sorts of weird stuff. Mostly dead bodies they pull up out of the reservoir. Sometimes it’s something like this:

I know what you’re saying, “What’s so weird about that Stu?”

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

What the–?! Yes, it’s a deer taking a nap at the top of a power pole. (Don’t tell the kids… it’s actually a dead deer. ssshhhh!)

Notice the train tracks in the first picture? That’s all I’ll say about that. I’ll let you imagine the flying deer, and how it took flight, in your own mind.

2 thoughts on “The Things the Power Company has to Deal With

  1. StuTheWise

    So it’s a true story. Thanks for the link, though I can’t imagine why anybody would think it’s fake. I mean, why would somebody go through the trouble of faking that to to the extent of actually chopping the bottoms of the deer’s legs off and hoisting it up there? That’d take one crazy person!

    And if anybody ever thought it was Photoshopped, that’d take some mad skills.


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