Back to 1985

I was on my way to lunch Monday afternoon when I saw the following:

A rare site. I personally have only seen a Delorean perhaps twice before. Once in Seattle (1992) and once on the freeway passing through Sandy (1993). It seems like there was one other time I saw one, but the specifics of that encounter escape me.

By comparison, I’ve seen over a dozen Ferraris (although no McLarens yet) and two Lamborghinis.

So why did it take me until Friday to post this when it was Monday I saw the beasty? Because it took me that long to figure out how to get the picture off my *$#@! camera phone! Which I just realized, nobody ever would have dreamed of such a thing in 1985.

I honestly never thought I’d ever have any use for such a silly device. I mean, a phone that’s also a camera? About as useful as a time machine that’s also a car. What will they think of next?

3 thoughts on “Back to 1985

  1. StuTheWise

    This is going to sound weird, but it’s the honest truth!

    I once had neighbors that owned a Delorean. Sadly, they moved out of the neighborhood before buying the Delorean, so I never saw it. Their name was Autos. No kidding!

    Yep, the Autos got themselves a Delorean.

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