Influencing My Son’s Career Path

When I was about 3 or 4 years old, somebody gave me a toy jumbo jet. I was hooked. As I grew up I dreamed incessantly of becoming a pilot. To make the dream of flying coincide with my desire to serve in the military, I decided that I would become a military pilot.

Well, without 20/20 vision, that dream was shot down. When I was old enough, I had to make a decision. Go to flight school or join the service. I chose the service. I sometimes think I made the wrong decision, because now I can do neither.

Regardless, my fascination with flying has not yet left me. As such, I often take my children down to the Provo Airport (where my father once bought me a $300 ticket to fly aboard a B-17 bomber!) and let them watch the planes.

There also happens to be a helicopter pilot school right near the airport, so I took my son Ian to see the helicopters today.

Usually we’ll park near the flight deck and just watch the students come in for landings. The helicopters typically come in right over our heads:

After landing, the students often practice a few low altitude manuevers:

After watching for a bit, we were getting ready to leave when an instructor came up to the fence. I walked near him, expecting him to say something like, “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t hang out there. It’s a dangerous distraction for our students.”

Instead he said, “If you’d like, you can bring your son back here and get some pictures of him in one of our helicopters.” My response was something like, “HECK YEAH!”

So after giving Ian a few pointers on flying:

He took me for a ride:

Well, since I failed in fulfilling my own dreams, maybe I’ll be able to live them through my children ;)

4 thoughts on “Influencing My Son’s Career Path

  1. TmjUtah

    Howdy, and well met, Stu.

    It’s always a pleasure to run into neighbors. And I do mean neighbors -

    Your poker haunt is a long stone’s (well, decent drive for Tiger Woods with a short iron, at least) throw from our house. Ask the owner of the house if he’s ever heard the cannon in Cherry Hill Park on the Fourth of July or Pioneer Day – that’s us.

    Be careful of what you wish your kids to be – they may not necessarily disappoint, but they always surprise and sometimes that’s just as unnerving.

    I hope you didn’t think that I am one of the “depressed bloggers” you encountered tooling around the Utah blogdom. Don’t mistake crotchety for depressed.

    “Fight or no, just don’t muck about!.” – Cohen the Barbarian, from Terry Prachett’s “Interesting Times”

    Have a fine one, sir.

  2. Captain Kid

    When I was a kid, I always dreamed of being really rich. I think it was the influence of TV shows like Richie Rich, Silver Spoons, and Duck Tales–Remember Scrooge McDuck swimming in the money vault? That always looked like so much fun. Oh yeah, and Batman. Lots of kids wanted to be Batman, I didn’t really care about that, I wanted to be Bruce Wayne, that guy had it made.

    Anyway, if I ever have kids and want to encourage them to fulfill the dream I probalby never will, where do I take them? Obviously I can’t just have them watch TV like I did since that didn’t really work.

  3. StuTheWise

    Hmmm… I’d say take them to see Jer. I heard that guy bathes in hundred dollar bills every morning!


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