I’m Out of Poverty!

I was having a discussion with some of my fellow “old timers” here at work (as a relatively new company, being here for two years makes you an old timer), what few are left, about how little we were paid back in the early days of the company.

One coworker commented about how I was probably below the poverty level in 2004. That got me wondering…

As I checked Poverty Thresholds according to the U.S. Census Bureau, I realized that, assuming I don’t get fired or some other very drastic event occurs, I will for the very first time in my life as a married man no longer be considered in poverty!

I may have been out of poverty in 2005 (the Census Bureau has not yet publicly released poverty threshold numbers for last year), but based on 2004 numbers, if I was out of poverty it was by the skin of my teeth (note: there is no skin on teeth)

Anyway, this is a very joyous occassion for me! For only the second time in my life (the first time having lasted 3 months through the end of 2001) I’m able to afford health insurance for my family. And I work for the awesomest company in the world to boot!

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