The Green “Holiday”

What’s up with St. Patrick’s day? And what makes this one saint so special that he gets his very own day?

Patrick was actually British, and a wealthy Brit at that… or, at least, he was born into a wealthy family. During his youth, he appeared to be far from religious even though his father was a deacon.

As a teenager he was kidnapped and taken to Ireland. During his six years in captivity, he began to have dreams of converting the Irish to Christianity. He escaped captivity when he thought he heard God’s voice instructing him to leave Ireland.

Later, he was visited by an angel instructing him to return to Ireland to serve as a missionary. Patrick then spent 15 years studying his faith he was ordained a priest and sent off to Ireland.

As is often the case with Catholicism, Patrick integrated the native pagan beliefs and rituals into Catholic teachings. At this time in Ireland, the Irish culture centered around a rich tradition of oral legend and myth, which probably are to blame for the highly exaggerated stories of St. Patrick’s life.

So why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s day? There are a lot of Irish in America, whose ancestors migrated here from their native land. Those first Irishmen brought with them their crazy tales and near-worship of St. Patrick.

The reality is St. Patrick is another Catholic saint who’s life we celebrate without even knowing why. But at least we can say we haven’t supplanted the celebration of a Catholic saint in place of celebrating the birth of our Savior (as is the case with St. Nicholas).

Yes, I’m a grouch about St. Patrick’s day. Not only because I disagree with the celebration of his life (where the hell is Joseph Smith’s day?), but also because I don’t even get a paid day off because of it!


4 thoughts on “The Green “Holiday”

  1. QueenMeadow

    People just like pinching others and getting away with it. Not to mention green, the horny color (why don’t you figure out why that is :) ). Add green and pinching into one day, you get lots of happy people :P

  2. ubercyl

    I suppose there are some people who use the day to celebrate St. Patrick’s life. but as one who was raised Irish Catholic, we used the day to wear tacky green clothes, leprachaun hats, buttons that say “kiss me, I’m Irish”, and as an excuse (like you need one) to eat corned beef. I guess to me it seems like Halloween or Fat Tuesday–pointless, but fun.

    Just for a change of pace, what are you NOT grouchy about? :)

  3. StuTheWise

    To be honest, I actually enjoy St. Patrick’s day (as well as most holidays) most of the time. I just have my fun differently… by pretending to hate them BWAH HAHAHA!!!

    Actually, I really am trying to make an effort to be as unserious as I can with my blog. It’s an adjustment, but I’ll get there eventually.

    I promise no more serious Stu from hereforth!

  4. ubercyl

    Oh, I didn’t mean you can’t rant, it’s in your title and I enjoy it, really. (And it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want.) I just wanted to hear about some things that don’t bug ya. It would give me a more well-rounded impression of you.


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