Is This How Islam Honors the Great Muhammed?

In order to avoid becoming the target of Islamic terrorists, I’ve avoided posting anything regarding the caricatures of the Muslim Prophet Muhammed. But man, I just can’t take it anymore! This cartoon (one of many), in response to what I consider to be an absolutely psychotic, crazy, and incredibly hypocritical reaction by many in the Middle East, pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter:

Here’s another good one:

Now some might say that we in “the west” are hypocritical expecting Islamic extremists to be tolerant of other’s cultures. Well, normally I’d say… maybe. But let’s take a look at the next cartoon:

Okay now… that is far from being the first time that the religious figures depicted in that cartoon have been poked at in a less than respectful manner. And yet you won’t find members representing the faiths that follow the characters in the above cartoon pulling out their AK-47′s, rioting in the streets, burning down foreign embassies, and acting in an incredibly hateful manner.

An Iranian newspaper held a contest to see who could come up with the best cartoon poking fun at the Jewish Holocaust. Outrageous by all accounts. But was the response hatred and violence against Muslims? Hardly. Somebody went on TV and stated very matter of factly how distasteful and upsetting it was to him. (check the comments for a really great response by Israeli cartoonists)

Furthermore, if depicting the prophets in images is considered idolatry, and poking fun of Islamic prophets is blasephemy worthy of death, then why has there been no uproar at the centuries of disrespetful depictions of Adam, Noah, Moses, and Jesus, all of whom are considered prophets of Islam? What makes Muhammed so special? I mean, this is a guy who spent a large part of his career as prophet raiding caravans and in warfare killing and beheading people. Despite his violent history, Muhammed preached tolerance of other faiths.

From reading Muhammed’s history, I see nothing that he has done that is nearly as great as what Noah, Moses, and Jesus had done. But apparently it’s perfectly acceptable to blaspheme against those prophets. Or at least, the Muslim world doesn’t freak out about it.

Okay, one last cartoon for you. I think you’ll really like this one:

Remember that South Park episode with the Super Best Friends? The Super Best Friends were a collection of super hero religious figures which included Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tsu, Moses, Jesus, and even Joseph Smith. Oh yeah, and Muhammed too. I guess they don’t get South Park in the Middle East. But even in America, not a single Jew, Taoist, Hindu, Christian, or Mormon went on any kind of violent rampage much less cause an international uproar. And this was an episode that depicted Jesus as a fraud… Christian blasphemy if ever I saw it.

Anyway, just my two cents. If I end up riddled with bullets from an AK-47, you’ll know what happened to me.

…Edit: Oh, I forgot. If you want to see more cartoons on the same subject, check out the following:

I don’t know how long that page will stay active, so don’t come sreaming at me if it’s gone when you try to visit it. Just wait awhile and my Islamic Extremist friends will pay me a visit anyway.

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    Dang, this blog is starting to take on a serious tone!

    Not to worry, I’ll be back to my old silly self soon enough.


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