Why don’t you go eat a decroted piece of crap?

Just checking to see if anyone is paying attention.

So I had this incredibly weird dream last night. I don’t know why, but ever since I arrived in Las Vegas, I started to remember my dreams, which are getting stranger to say the least.

Oh yeah, I went to Vegas recently. I’ll post pictures of that later.

The dream I had last night was of an Iraqi invasion into the U.S. And I’m not sure, but I may have had some involvement in assisting with the invasion, which is weird because in the end I was running from the Iraqi military as they invaded my home.

The last thing I recall is opening a bedroom window, climbing out and hanging from the window sill (it was about 10 ft. off the ground), then reaching up and closing the window just as some Iraqis came in the room. I hoped that they wouldn’t see my fingers gripping the window sill as I hung there.

For some reason I was running away rather than grabbing my sidearm and fighting back. There must be some kind of deep meaning to it all. What do you think.

Pics of Vegas coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Why don’t you go eat a decroted piece of crap?

  1. Your sister

    Sounds like you’re thinking too much on Iraqi’s. Something you thought of earlier. Most dreams mean something. But for you, akkk, you’re just weird. mwaaahahahahaha. Just weird. But I guess if I thought about it really intensely I might know what the dream is about but I’d have to ask questions, however, since I work too much too hard, my brain isn’t working too great so you’ll have to wait years from now. he he

  2. StuTheWise

    I must admit, I was rather disappointed that I was running away. Maybe it’s just a reminder to me that running away — rather than fighting to the death — is a bad choice.

    I had another weird dream last night that I was target shooting, getting ready for something important (perhaps to fight Iraqis?) Anyway, I popped off about 30 rounds from my sidearm (which only holds 10 rounds per clip) with incredible precision, then though, “Guess I’d better change clips.” But when I looked at the clip in my pistol, it was completely full.


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