Three Wars At Once? No Problem! Right?

If you take a look at the United States’ military budget, you’ll see that we spend as much annually as the next TEN highest spending countries… COMBINED!

Sooo… that means we can go to war with the next 10 most militarily powerful countries before even breaking a sweat, right? Well, not quite.

We SPEND tons more on our military. That doesn’t make us tons more powerful necessarily. A single Tomahawk missile for example costs more than many countries’ entire annual military budget! And we just launched over a hundred of those bad boys at Libya just a few days ago at a cost of roughly the combined annual salaries of all 535 members of Congress!

A million dollars spent on soldiers with nothing more than AK-47′s will do more damage than a million-dollar missile that’s designed to blow itself up.

Frankly, I tend to think that the best way to destroy a country is by launching all 535 members of Congress over to them. They’ll destroy the nation with their ridiculous politics in no time at all.

And yes Shirley, I’m serious.

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