Life’s too short for that crap!

I remember once when I was having a LAN party. A friend of mine suffers from eczema… as does one of my nieces. Now, at the time when my niece was about 5 years old, she was at my house during one of my LAN parties when she stated to my daughter out loud, “I have eczema,” pronounced “egzema” (short e on the second one).

My all-too-serious friend responded, “It’s eck-zEEma!” They argued back and forth in a rather hostile manner.

Life’s just too short to argue about which pronunciation is correct (they both are according to Webster’s Dictionary). The good news? The rest of us can laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Thanks to Buck and Clark for helping desensitize me to the seriousness of the world. They may very well have added a good decade to my life! And I gotta put a plug in for Randy. His incredibly laid back demeanor probably added a whole extra year on top of the decade.

Great, now I’m gonna get harrassed for not thanking somebody. THANKS TO EVERYBODY FOR WHATEVER!!! Bah! That angry rant probably took a year off my life!

One thought on “Life’s too short for that crap!

  1. Captain Kid

    Is that why we don’t correct Mike when he says pagination (paw-gination) instead of the way normal peopls say it?


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