No Rights for Non-Humans!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years, you know of the arrival of the non-humans, the annexation of District 9 in South Africa, and slow-moving attempts to “safely assimilate” non-humans into human society and culture.No Rights for Non-Humans

This may all seem fine and dandy on the surface. However, there has been a growing movement to provide equal rights and opportunities to non-humans and to fully integrate them into human society, in essence trying to make the non-humans human and make the Earth their home just as if they were natives! Do not be fooled by this movement of crazed aliens and overly trusting humans, most human supporters of whom have never met an “outlander”!

Here is video of a human-created alien support group protesting in California. How many of these American protesters do you think have actually gone to South Africa to visit District 9 and meet with an actual outlander? All I have to say is that there is a reason humans are discouraged from visiting District 9 without police protection!

Here is the simple truth: the aliens are violent, primitive-minded brutes whose technology has advanced far quicker than their civility. It’s surprising they hadn’t completely destroyed themselves via wars of advanced weaponry. Those in support of alien rights say they are a peaceful species. Why, then, was their alien vessel stacked like a warship? That spaceship was built to conquer, no doubt about it. They did not come here with peaceful intentions despite what the pro-alien media and the brainwashed humans of the equal rights movement would have you believe.

Something that we are not told is that the aliens kept slaves from other worlds. That they had forced the species they had conquered into hard labor, having them live under deplorable conditions by any standards. And yet all that is left of these alien slaves is evidence of their cells and torture chambers. What happened to these laborer slaves? I submit that our non-human residents had them vaporized upon learning they would be stuck here on Earth and forced to live among us.

In the 20 years since their landing, the non-humans have been plotting to conquer the human race. The formation of alien-lead resistance groups pushing for equal rights are springing up and many humans can’t seem to wait to join the movement. Their growth and popularity is reminiscent of terrorist groups in Earth’s past.

One “Christopher,” an underground, supposedly alien, blogger posted a clip from what he claims is his first interrogation by Earth forces (scroll to post of June 6 titled “See the Real Me”). Note how he… it, conveniently provides captioning to translate the alien language into peaceful cries for understanding and assistance. Its deceit sickens me! Do you trust translation made by the alien? It’s more likely the alien is telling the human representative where he can stick it followed by threats of our utter destruction! Why else would we expend so much energy to isolate them and prevent them from being allowed to use their own technology?

Do not be fooled my friends! They must go!

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