Another Edition of Cell Phone Pictures

It’s been awhile since I posted cell phone pictures. I’ve gotten a few good ones since that time, so here they are.

To start things off, what would you expect if you ordered a chicken nugget kid’s meal from Burger King? Probably not what I got when I did the same:

Chicken Nuggets Kids' Meal

Not enough for me to stop loving the Burger King. After all, it’s not his fault minimum wage doesn’t buy good help. Speaking of which, minimum wage quality employees probably explain this next one, taken in the K-Mart toys section:

Dinosaur Butt

Bet you didn’t know you can buy dinosaur butts, huh? Okay, so enough ripping on the minimum wagers. I had one of those jobs once. Err… twice, three times? Plenty of them anyway.

Well, let’s see what else I got here. Hey, how would you feel about eating this egg?

Retarded Chicken Egg

Which came first: the retarded chicken, or the retarded chicken egg?

Let me ask you a question. What do you imagine when you think about U.S. Marines? Manly men? Heart breakers and life takers? Or hot pink girly letters?

Girly Marine?

You gotta be one BAD ASS Marine to have enough courage to put that on your car. Oh yeah, and that’s a manly Dodge Charger those letters are on.

As long as we’re looking at patriots:


Dude, what’s with the upsidedown flag? Proper flag etiquette states that you only display the flag upside down under conditions of “dire distress.” Well, the driver was pretty old. Maybe for him, that’s direly distressful.

Now that we’ve moved on to disrespect, how about a little disrespect of city property:

Honoring the City

Hmm… now that I think about it, having Dwight painted on you would be considered an honor in some circles.

So there you have it folks. Pictures right off my cell phone — believe it or not. For past episodes:

Episode 1
Episode 2

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Another Edition of Cell Phone Pictures

  1. Mikal

    I have a theory about the upside down flag. I think it’s the same as an upside down postage stamp (on a letter), which signifies to its recipient, “I love you!” So, anyone who displays the flag upside down is in essence telling everyone, “I love (insert country of flag’s origin here)!”


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