Need to Sell More Ad Space? Take a Lesson from Wisconsin Metro Transit

It’s a well-known fact that groups who hate each other like to talk about how much they think the other is wrong. Marketers make big bucks as a result. Just look at all the ad space that is sold during presidential election season as opponents enter a race to outspend the other.

But the strategy of setting rivals against each other works with more than just politicians, as Wisconsin Metro Transit has discovered when they pitted Pilgrims Covenant Church against the Freedom From Religion Foundation, both based in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Atheists vs. Christians

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is spending $2,100 to place ads on buses to display quotes from famous atheists. I can just imagine the ad salesman, after closing the sale with the FFRF, marching to the church next door, rubbing his hands while grinning an evil grin, and saying to the Pastor, “Look what those heathens are doing!”

Cha-ching! Pilgrims Covenant Church is spending more than double, $5,000, to display ads countering the atheist viewpoint.

I don’t know… atheists spouting their religion because they hate others spouting their religion. Seems all kind of odd to me.

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