What to Do for Easter When You Hate the Holidays Like Me

It’s no secret. I’m not a big fan of most holidays. Veterans of my blog have seen my rants on Christmas, Halloween, and the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. Easter is no exception.

Donnie Darko Easter BunnyHowever, I have the fortune of having a wife and the children who love the holidays. And, remembering back to my own childhood, the joy of the Easter egg hunt with my siblings is one of my fondest memories. A crotchety old holiday hater I may be, but for the benefit of my family, I’ve got to come up with some Easter craft ideas in order to ensure my children’s memories aren’t of their father ranting and raving about how a centuries old church, centuries ago, twisted the meaning of the holiday in order to gain converts.

Seriously, what kid even cares about that? I sure didn’t!

Easter, over the last few decades, has evolved into much more than just a simple coloring of hard-boiled eggs followed by a hunt the next morning. Visiting the Celebrations.com website showed me that. Confetti eggs, chocolate Easter lollipops, and taking the egg hunt to a whole new level? Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me!

The payback will come when my children grow up to start families of their own and have to figure out a way to outdo what Dad did. By the time I’m an old grandfather, it will be acceptable for me to make fun of the Easter holiday. Until then, I guess I can handle having some good old holiday fun with the family.

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