A DOBA Christmas

We had the company Christmas party last night. Just like last year, it was amazing!

The best part? Watching Buck, Wade, and Elwon bust some serious moves on the dance floor! As for me, I pulled a Brian (the dog from the show Family Guy) by dragging my butt around the dance floor.

They gave out some amazing prizes for employees with time served. Those for whom this was their second Christmas party with DOBA all received iPod Shuffles. For the two employees (Clark and Buck) who were attending their third Christmas party, they received iPod Nanos.

It was awesome. But I have to admit, for the first time I felt a disconnect from Clark and Buck. Clark, Buck, and I are what our good friend Randy refers to as “The Crew”… employees with tenure, are close to the Triumvirate (DOBA’s founders) who are supposedly exempt from being terminated.

I missed the third Christmas party by two months. But my sadness has nothing to do with my not getting the iPod Nano. Sure, that would have been cool. But in all honesty, I work for DOBA because it THE COOLEST COMPANY EVER!!!

But in my time at DOBA, and of all the things I’ve done here, the thing I am most proud of (and perhaps wrongfully so) is my time served. Clark and Buck are the only other employees — Triumvirate excluded of course — that have more time than me, and the three of us are the only ones who can truly reminisce of the days when sending three employees to eBay Live! meant leaving the company in the hands of the three people that got left back at the office.

And so, I’ve decided to take the original Solids (the title conferred upon us by the mighty Jeremy Hanks) to lunch so I can “reconnect”.

Am I crazy for feeling this way? Maybe I am. But maybe I could be considered even more crazy over the fact that the real reason I’m taking the original Solids to lunch is so I can take a ride in the DOBA Truck which was won by none other than employee of the year Ryan “Buck” Roberts!

7 thoughts on “A DOBA Christmas

  1. QueenMeadow

    Maybe you should suggest a picture wall or something. Put your pic and date of hire under it. Then they can group the “crew” together :)

  2. Captain Kid

    The original Solids will never be disconnected! I was extremely disappointed at the party that by the time I got my food, the other solids were already sitting at full tables. Nevertheless, we cannot be divided! Just as the three point line is crucial to the game of b-ball, the solids are are crucial to the success of DOBA.

  3. StuTheWise

    I should point out that I called it when Ryan won employee of the month, as well as employee of the year. Further proof that conferring with Ryan’s magic, satan-powered Ask Jeeves ball will always prove you right ;)

  4. Ryan

    You called it when I won employee of the month? I don’t think so. But it’s nice that since December 13th I have a whole bunch of new friends at lunch time…not sure why though, they are probably just realizing how humorous and clever I am.

  5. StuTheWise

    That’;s true, you are clever and humorous. Though I have a feeling your cleverness and humor will lose favor with your “friends” come January ;)


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