Trying to Avoid Traffic Tickets? Forget the Myth of the Gray Buick and Buy a Jag

Growing up, I always heard the story about the professor that taught statistics at some university and forced his wife to drive a gray Buick LeSabre, or some other equally boorish vehicle, absolutely banning her from driving a red car.

So why no red cars? Because red is the color of the devil? Remember now, the guy in the story is a statistician. According to legend, drivers of gray cars and Buick LeSabres receive fewer tickets than any other driver. Drivers of red cars, the story goes, receive the most tickets.

Now people will say that cops target red cars and sports cars and blah blah. Well, I personally think it has more to do with the kind of personality that chooses to drive red sports cars versus those who choose to drive gray Buicks that affect the statistics, not the bias of cops. In other words, you can drive a red Corvette and get fewer tickets than your neighbor who drives a gray LeSabre. It’s easy. Just don’t break any traffic laws!

Despite a public claiming car color predicts the number of times you’ll be pulled over, a recent study seems to have blown such preconceived notions out of the water.

So what kind of vehicle gets ticketed the most? Believe it or not, it’s the Hummer followed closely by the slow-selling Scion. Turns out that most Scions are driven by teens, which explains that — not that teens are targeted by cops, but rather that teens are more likely to drive irresponsibly. But the Hummer? Maybe the photo below can shed some light on that:

Tree huggers and Hummers... bad combo

Okay, that photo’s not real. I PhotoShopped in the word bubble… and the Hummer. I am shamed.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Which car gets ticketed the least? The gray LeSabre? Actually, it’s the Jaguar XJ (which, come to think of it, is most commonly a gray color). And if you think that’s weird, the Jag is followed closely by the Chevy Suburban and full-sized Chevy pickups.

My explanation? The Jag is driven by wealthy, sophisticated gentlemen who smoke cigars. Last thing you want is to drive crazy and accidentally drop that very expensive Cuban in your lap.

Check out the full story here, or take a look at the table below:

A Jag a day keeps the coppers away

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