Visiting Peru? Might Want to Avoid Taking the Taxi

On the other hand, you might want to move to Peru permanently depending, as the Jedi like to say, on your point of view.

Beware the Peruvian taxi driver!

One Pablo Cayo, a janitor, showed up to work plastered one day. So his employer did what any scum-sucking pig of a corporation would do… they fired him. Fortunately for Pablo, a justice of the Constitutional Tribunal felt his pain and ordered that Pablo be given his job back. Maybe the justice has tossed a few back while on the bench. Who knows? All that matters is that Pablo, a fine upstanding and responsible citizen of Peru, has rightfully gotten his job back where he can sweep the floor while sloshed all he wants.

And people say America is the Land of the Free? I’m packing my bags for Peru, the only TRUE free country left in the world.

Truth comes in drunkeness

Thanks to for helping me out with the above image. Making fake signs is so much fun!

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