BAH, Humbug!

‘Tis the season to got nuts!

It’s no secret, I hate Christmas. As a result I’ve been accused of being everything from “non-Christian” to anti-Christian. I suppose I should iterate my hatred of this season more specifically.

It’s more this time of year and the behavior of a minority that I hate. I also have issues with many of the traditions. See, I’ve never been big on holidays. I get a paid day off of work; and hey, that’s great.

What is Christmas? I always thought it was a celebration of what was perhaps the most important event in man’s history: the birth of mankind’s savior. Well, I suppose if you want to get technical, the most important event was the manner of His death, but obviously that never would have happened without His birth.

The prophets of old had been prophesying of this fantastic event for centuries… AND IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Joy to the world and all that good stuff. We should all be in deep celebration.

Hell, the Jews spend eight days celebrating the rededication of a temple. Christians on the other hand celebrate the most important event EVER by running around like headless chickens, hanging decorative lights on their homes, dragging a pine tree into the living room, elbowing people in the face and trampling them under our feet on “black friday”, cursing at and flipping people off in our cars, racking up monstrous debt, and I could go on and on and on.

And the tradition I dislike the most? The exchange of gifts. If I want to give somebody something, I do it. Why wrap it up in nasty paper and force them to wait until a certain day? Which, by the way, is actually the birthday of the Roman sun god Mithra.

If I want something, I go get it for myself. I’m not too interested in telling somebody, “Hey, I want a new set of skivvies!” then hope to find it under my fake pine tree on December 25th.

If I want to be charitable, I am. December does nothing to cause me to feel more charitable. After all, if we truly strive to be more like Christ, we are always in the mood for charity. Not just during December, and not just for our friends and family who almost all live in nice warm buildings and always have food on the table.

Okay, I’ll stop ranting now. Truth is, I love Christmas time. My hatred of what happens during this time just manages to show up every year just enough to have me be accused of being Jewish. That might be a compliment come to think of it. At least they aren’t accusing me of worshipping an old unshaven fat man in a red suit who lives with a bunch of mythical elves and magically flies through the air each year. Now THAT sounds incredibly un-Christian to me.

Christmas to me is what Christmas is to me. A time for me to remind my children why Christ’s birth was so important, and that we should strive to be more like Him. Oh, and to avoid going out as much as possible ;)


2 thoughts on “BAH, Humbug!

  1. Captain Kid

    Amen Brotha! My goal for the future is to start taking long trips to far off lands or secluded places where I can get as far away from the commercialism of Christmas as possible.


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