A Big Thank You to All the Blog Comment Spammers Out There

Yep. You know who you are.

Why am I thanking you? It’s weird, I know. You’re probably accustomed to being hated. But here’s the thing. Can you ever hate some one who is so mentally devoid that they can’t seem to do anything correctly for themselves?

Here’s a typical spam post on my blog:

Spammers = Low IQ

As you can see, placing “Nice site,” at the beginning is the smartest thing they can do to try and trick me into allowing the comment.

Now, my blog isn’t particularly hugely popular (I know, I know… I’ve bragged about it’s viewership in the past. I was just trying to make my lowly self feel better :( ) so when I saw these spam comments, I’d just delete them.

Then one day, I got 60 spam comments. I thought to my self, “Wow! I’m more popular than I thought!” Sure, there are some blogs that get a dozen spam every five minutes; but for me, getting 60 in one day was a major turning point in my life.

No longer did I get so little spam that they were simply a minor annoyance. Now, suddenly, my blog was attracting enough spam to make it a headache! Thus I finally installed Akismet.

So thank you comment spammers for getting me to do what I should have done years ago!

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