One More Reason to Not Drink… or Become a Pastor

I’ll admit, when I was between the ages of 19 and 22 I was pretty stupid. But one thing I was smart enough to do was control my drinking. I did this by not drinking. But for those who fail to not drink during these, among the stupidest years of one’s life, then bad things happen.

Things like having your crotch lit on fire by your “friends,” giving him second degree burns on his *ahem* Yeah, I put “friend’s” in quotes because, I mean, who would do something like that? Perhaps your worst enemy? Remember the scene from Return of the Jedi when Luke Skywalker lit Darth Vader’s crotch on fire? Personally, I blame George Lucas for providing these dimwits with the idea.

Darth Vader's Funeral

What’s next? People trying to curve bullets?!

But don’t think the friend is free from blame. I mean, you drink enough to pass out and leave a bottle of cologne and some matches lying around and man, you are just asking for it!

But can young foolish drunkenness compare to being a pastor? Afterall, this guy gets drunk, passes out, then a couple of other drunk fellers light him up. But Pastor Jeff Harlow managed to mess himself up all on his lonesome and he doesn’t even have the excuse of being drunk to play off on.

Dirt Biking Pastor

So the question of your life may be: Would you rather be a pastor or drunk?

One thought on “One More Reason to Not Drink… or Become a Pastor

  1. Meadow

    I think I would rather be drunk, at least that way you can blame it on the alcohol and not on pure, uh, low brain cells. Though drinking too much can kill brain cells, but I guess later on in life when you become a pastor and screw up like that you can blame it on the drinking you did when you were younger ;) .


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