Hallelujah, at Long Last!

This night, I played what was probably the best poker of my life. Up against 7 other players, I had never had a tournament win before in my life. Lots of home games, a couple of casino tournaments, never a top finish.

The most players I’ve ever beat out was about 25, but came in fourth for that game — in the money at least.

Beyond that, I’ve had a slew of second place finishes. So this time, I knew I had to take home the title. I played with everything I had, and fought hard to keep my mind clear after more than four hours of play (though that was far from my longest game. I had a 7 hour stint once in which I finished — what else? — Second).


It came down to myself and two others, who are two of the better players I’ve ever had to go up against. All that practice working on my head’s up game has paid off.


And boy, I cannot even begin to tell you how badly I needed that win. Second place is cool the first time, but gets awful old after the fifth or sixth time.


Thank you, that is all.

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